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About the Dementias: Read about diagnosis, medications and warning signs and the science of dementia.

Information and Guidance for the Caregivers: Read articles to help you as caregiver to a loved one with dementia.

How to Find the Right Community for Someone with Dementia: Carole provides guidance about the types of communities and how to the find the right community for your loved one.

Articles about Home Safety, Driving and Assistive Devices: Read articles about improving safety in the home, various assistive devices from walkers to high tech devices, and how to assess driving including advice on taking away the keys.

Articles about Financial Issues: Read about financial issues including employment, Medicaid, preventing fraud and scams, and more.

Articles about Medicare Part D: Read our articles about Medicare Part D, but be aware that they haven't been updated since the inception of Part D and may be out of date.

Articles about Dealing with Important Documents: Read about what documents you need, how to organize your documents and see some samples.

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