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What People Say About Carole's Help

ThirdAge Services is now offering telephone, Skype, and email consultations designed especially for people not located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We continue to offer our traditional care management services for people located in our area.

Bob DeMarco of Alzheimer’s Reading Room discussed his telephone consultations with Carole and the Readers Respond:

Excerpted from an article on Alzheimer’s Reading Room:

When I was talking to Carole Larkin, I could hear the concern and angst in her voice. I had been talking to Carole for years, so she was around during previous episodes when Dotty was sick.

But this time the tone of Carole's voice sounded very different than it had in the past. I said something like, go ahead and say it. Or, tell me what you are thinking. Carole basically told me she thought Dotty was in terminal drop.

One thing here that everyone should know. Carole is a geriatric care manager. This means she has lots of experience with older people, and older people with dementia. So she knows the signs.

It was very valuable to me to have the well informed and experienced opinion of Carole at the time.

Others might consider hiring someone like Carole even if it is on a just an every once in a while basis.

Readers Respond on Alzheimer's Reading Room:

Denise says:

I second Bob's comments about Carole Larkin. I too have spoken with Carole and she is a very knowledgeable Geriatric Care Manager with a wealth of resources to provide to families in need. I recommend all families to inquire through Carole for support options in caring for their loved one. It will be one of the best decisions you can make once you make your call to Carole.

Lisa says:

I also have kudos for Carole Larkin.  She has been so helpful in the transition of my Mom's new life, dealing with both Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.  I highly recommend her to all who might be struggling with new (or old) life events while helping and caring for a loved one who is suffering.

Betty says:

When I read Carole Larkin’s name in the article I lit up.  Approximately, six years ago, I contacted ThirdAge Services and after speaking with Carole, I felt a huge relief.  I was no longer alone in trying to help my mother.  

When I could no longer care for mother, I placed her in an assisted living.  I did all the things people do in researching the quality of the home and the care they promise to give.  Well, after having mother in two facilities that did not work out, I was at my wits end.  You can imagine my pain as having to relocate mother again. 

Carole came to my aid. She began by performing an assessment of mother.  The assessment was to identify mother’s physical and emotional condition to find the home that fit her needs.  If I remember correctly, Carole had about four places for us to visit.  When we got to the second place, I told Carole this is it! My mother lived there approximately three years.  No place is perfect; however, this assisted living is close to it as far as I am concerned. I would never have found this place; it is tucked away and small.  Carole really knows her job.  She can help with memory care needs as well as knowing how to manage all that goes on during this life transition. 

I have recommended Carole many times, as she is the best person in my experience to help people with the difficult challenges of caring for someone.  She is a lighthouse beacon in a difficult eldercare world.   The assistance you receive from Carole is worth so much because caring for someone without adequate knowledge brings much

Thank you for giving great advice and for acknowledging Carole and her skills.   I am forever indebted to Carole for the peace she gave mother and me.

Sylvia says:

I can highly recommend Carole Larkin as a long-distance Geriatric Care Manager.  Eight months ago my sister, who resides in Dallas and who has had Parkinson's for 14 years, was admitted to a skilled nursing facility.  Because I reside in New York, it became difficult for me to look after my sister from such a long distance.  Then four months ago my sister was in a medical crisis at home and her husband was just "hanging on" in dealing with his wife.

By a miracle, I obtained Carole to intervene as a care manager.  My sister's desire was to live at home.  It was through Carole's intervention that my sister's life was saved and she has managed to be cared for at home.  Carole accomplished many things to bring my sister back to life.  They were:

1)  Carole located a nursing assistant through a reputable agency and she interviewed several CNAs (Certified Nursing Assistant) in order to find the best match, knowing that a CNA trained in dementia was needed.
2)  Carole obtained an RN/LPN to make daily calls to the home for insulin shots. 
Through another agency, she  located an automatic pill dispenser.
3)  Carole gained help in locating important documents in the home, organized records, delivered tax info to an accountant as well as stored medicine in a safe place.  The home was made safe in other areas also.
4)  Carole made herself available to relatives who needed assistance in dealing with my sister's condition.  This saved me time and reduced my anxiety as well as concerns in the family.

Carole's stabilizing influence in her professional work has not only saved my sister's life; but, in the process, all of her family has become closer.


Kim says:

We were so fortunate to come across Carole Larkin in 2007 when my mother was in her fourth year of Alzheimer's.  Carole was literally a life saver for all of us.  She navigated all the care options, helping us interview caregivers and ultimately helping us to find the right Memory Care residence for Mom.  She helped us understand Guardianship and guided us to an attorney.  She helped in every way possible.  We would have been lost without her and the last three years of my mother's life wouldn't have been nearly as good as they were if she had not bee on  board.  I cannot express how highly I recommend her.  She's the best.