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Consult with Carole

Do you want to consult with Carole in person, by telephone, online (Skype), or email?

ThirdAge Services is now offering telephone, Skype, and email consultations designed especially for people not located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We continue to offer our traditional care management services for people located in our area.

The fee for consultation is $120 per hour with a minimum of one hour paid in advance. To make an appointment, please complete this form.  Carole will contact you to schedule an appointment. For those without access to the internet, requests for an appointment can be made by telephone at 214-649-1392.

Bob DeMarco of Alzheimer’s Reading Room discusses his telephone consultations with Carole

Excerpted from an article on Alzheimer’s Reading Room:

The simple straightforward answer was that I knew I would not be able to take care of Dotty on my own this time around. This time was different in many ways.

For example, during previous episodes I would have to help Dotty out of bed, put her in the wheelchair, get her to the bathroom door, and then help her walk the last few steps to the commode. This was doable and mostly just stressful. This time around it was nearly impossible to get her up, and to help her move those last few steps. It was almost like she was dead weight.

There were two more things that were very different.

When I was talking to Carole Larkin, I could hear the concern and angst in her voice. I had been talking to Carole for years, so she was around during previous episodes when Dotty was sick.

But this time the tone of Carole's voice sounded very different than it had in the past. I said something like, go ahead and say it. Or, tell me what you are thinking. Carole basically told me she thought Dotty was in terminal drop.

One thing here that everyone should know. Carole is a geriatric care manager. This means she has lots of experience with older people, and older people with dementia. So she knows the signs.

It was very valuable to me to have the well informed and experienced opinion of Carole at the time.

Others might consider hiring someone like Carole even if it is on a just an every once in a while basis.

When I finally said to Carole on Monday morning, I am going for the Hospice, she encouraged me to do so.

Carole Larkin is also available for consults via telephone, video phone, and Skype. However, she does charge for her services and time. She is an available alternative for everyone here.

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